The Danforth Standard remains the industry leader in efficiency, offering exceptional holding power for its weight. Manufactured with high strength steel and hot dip galvanized for long lasting protection. The Standard is offered in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3.5 pounds to 100 pounds.

Each Danforth anchor is manufactured with four main components – the 1) crown 2) stock 3) flukes, and 4) shank. As you review the dimensions below, please refer to this diagram for assistance. Boat size recommendations are provided based on normal wind conditions, average currents, and a minimum 5:1 scope ratio.

Selection Guide

Part IDModelHolding PowerBoat LengthAnchor WeightAnchor Height (4)Stock Width (2)Fluke Height (3)
94010S160160 lbs. < 10 Ft 3.5 lbs.17.25″13.00″9.00″
94011S300300 lbs.10-17 Ft5 lbs.19.50″14.75″10.50″
94012S600600 lbs.17-27 Ft9 lbs.24.00″18.25″12.00″
94013S920920 lbs.27-31 Ft14 lbs.28.25″21.50″14.25″
94014S13001300 lbs.31-36 Ft16 lbs.31.75″24.00″16.50″
94015S16001600 lbs.36-40 Ft25 lbs.35.00″26.75″19.00″
94016S20002000 lbs.40-45 Ft43 lbs.40.25″31.00″22.00″
94017S30003000 lbs.45-55 Ft70 lbs.50.00″38.00″26.75″
94018S35003500 lbs.55-60 Ft100 lbs.54.00″41.00″28.75″

Anchor Kit – S600 Danforth Standard

  • Anchor Weight: 9.0 pounds
  • Boat Length: 17-27 feet
  • Holding Power: 600 pounds
  • (2) Stock Width: 18.25″
  • (3) Fluke Height: 12.00″
  • (4) Shank Height (including crown): 24.00″

Box includes 150 feet of 3/8″ nylon anchor line with thimble, 4 feet of 1/4″ stainless steel chain with 2 shackles.