The industry’s toughest, most durable anchor. The Danforth Hi-Tensile’s beveled fluke design quickly penetrates common sea bottoms. Each anchor is manufactured from high tensile 4130 steel and heat treated for extra strength and holding power. Hot dip galvanized for long lasting protection.

Each Danforth anchor is manufactured with four main components – the 1) shank 2) crown 3) stock and 4) flukes. As you review the dimensions below, please refer to this diagram for assistance. Boat size recommendations are provided based on normal wind conditions, average currents, and a minimum 5:1 scope ratio.

Selection Guide

Part IDModelHolding PowerBoat LengthAnchor WeightAnchor Height (1)Stock Width (3)Fluke Height (4)
940195H1,000 lbs.< 31 Ft5 lbs.21.50″16.50″11.75″
9402012H1,800 lbs.31-42 Ft12 lbs.28.25″21.50″13.50″
9402120H2,500 lbs.42-50 Ft20 lbs.35.00″26.75″19.00″
9402235H3,800 lbs.50-64 Ft35 lbs.40.75″31.00″22.00″
9402360H5,500 lbs.64-73 Ft60 lbs.50.00″38.00″27.00″
9402490H6,300 lbs.73-76 Ft90 lbs.54.00″41.00″29.25″
94025150H7,000 lbs.76-80 Ft150 lbs.57.25″43.50″30.50″
94026190H7,700 lbs.80-83 Ft190 lbs.61.00″46.00″33.50″