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The Danforth anchor is an industry leader in efficiency, offering exceptional holding power for it’s weight. Our design features two large triangular flukes attached to the stock, allowing the flukes to orient toward the seabed at a 32 degree angle for maximum holding capabilities in common sea bottoms such as hard sand.

Each Danforth anchor is carefully crafted within the United States by Tie Down in our continued effort to fabricate at the highest quality possible. We utilize high tensile 4130 steel for increased strength and Hi-Tensile models are heat treated to significantly increase holding power. Each anchor is hot dip galvanized for long lasting protection.

... In The "Mosquito Fleet" Every Ounce Must Count

A Historic Anchor...Continues Making History

American Inventor, Richard Danforth, created our lightweight, versatile, and high-efficiency fluke-style anchor in 1939 for use aboard World War II landing craft. “Every Ounce Must Count”, as described in the June 1943 edition of Motor Boating, has remained a staple in our design and high quality production of the world’s most trusted anchor. To this day, our historic anchor continues making history at times when trust matters most.

Danforth Anchor shown being used by ships in Normandy

Danforth at Normandy

USS LST-325 and LST-388 at low tide during the Normandy invasion – June 12, 1944. Featuring one of the original Danforth anchors at the stern.

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PT’s Call For Danforth

“Fighting Patrol Torpedo’s … swarm in close and hit the jackpot. We are proud the Danforth contributes to the maneuverability of these deadly craft”

Danforth Anchor in Action with boats on water during gulf oil spill

Gulf Oil Spill – April 2010

Coast Guard calls on Danforth, the world’s most trusted anchor, to help guide efforts in cleaning up the 2010 oil spill. Danforth kicked into overdrive.